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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well Kikki's scan has confirmed that yes she has cushings disease and that it is the "Adrenal Gland Tumor" form. Only 15% of dogs diagnoses with cushings disease has this one. Removal of the tumor will CURE her!!!! which is very good news, but it is going to cost between $3000-$4000 and there is a 10-20% mortality rate. If the surgery isn't done there is a very high risk that the tumor will turn cancerous and spread eventually killing her, and i've been told that this wouldn't take long to happen if left untreated.

So now kikki is on some strong medication called Trilostane (vetoryl) to help prepare her for surgery.

Here is some infor on the drug

Trilostane is a newer, very promising drug to treat both PDH and to treat adrenocortical tumors. It appears to have fewer and less-severe side-effects than mitotane. Initially, trilostane was thought of as a once-a-day drug but recent research indicates that a lower dose and increased frequency of dosing may substantially decrease the incidence of side effects. Treatment with trilostane results in reduction of both cortisol and aldosterone; although the reduction in cortisol usually is more marked than the reduction in aldosterone. Clinical response includes a reduction in clinical signs such as polydypsia, polyuria, polyphagia, panting, increased activity level, improved coat quality and skin condition.
The dosage and frequency of administration may need to be adjusted during the treatment period. The time required for response to therapy is about a month, which is similar to the time required for response to mitotane. The management and treatment of PDH requires regular monitoring of adreno-cortical hormone levels. Urine cortisol-to-urine creatinine ratio and urine specific-gravity may be used to evaluate the treatment response.

Kikki will start this drug towards the end of next week after her last set of blood tests.

I will keep you all updated :)

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