Pic taken after my first round of tests

Friday, April 23, 2010

$822 to go :)

Good News, Good News

Kikki's blood work came back with some good results :) Her medication is at the right level, and seems to be doing the job. Now the vets are going to talk and discuss her surgery and inform me of the next move for her. Hopefully they can give me an idea soon of what to expect etc and whether or not ...she needs another round of meds before it can be attempted. Very exciting news ahead i hope :) My god this has made me so happy to hear that her treatment is working. I will keep you all posted :) God Bless

So far just with tests, medications etc i've spent $2 thousand dollars............. so if you have a pet please please get them insured, don't learn the hard way like me. This isn't a pleasant situation to be in having to set up a donation page to help pay for surgery for Kikki which as you know isn't cheap. I've learnt a hard lesson here that would of been different if i had her insured.

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