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Saturday, April 24, 2010

What is your opinion on this comment?? Is it selfish of me and not worth it??? And what would you do in my situation???

Ok names have been changed to hide the identities.

Help Save Kikki
Kikki is an 8 year old miniature long hair dachshund and is my world. She has just been diagnosed with cushing's disease and she has the rarest one being adrenal gland tumor. I'm struggling to keep up ...
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Hannah Rude
I think its a scam...
7 hours ago

Susanne Stuckerap
Scam or no scam, the dog is 8 years old. I think after a certain age, life changing surgery isn't worth it. Sorry Lace, I know it meant a lot to you.
3 hours ago

Sammy Hepburn
It's not a scam actually. Here are her vet details where she is being treated and where she will have her surgery

and her vet's name is Kate Heading.... See More

Cushings Disease only affects older dogs, after speaking with her specialist, and ppl who have experienced this disease with their pets........... the dog after surgery and treatment can still live out the rest of their life disease free, happy and healthy. That could be up to another 5 years +. Without it your handing over a horrible death sentence to them.

Now if this was your dog, what would you do? I'm not gong to euthanise her just because treatment is exspensive and because she is 8. What kind of owner would that make me?? And to say it isn't worth it, i guarantee if you were in my shoes you would think differently. Since treatment has begun i've seen a different Kikki, she is like a pup again which tells me i'm doing right by her. She has become far more active, and playful and very happy. I will not let her down. She is worth the world to me and she deserves a fighting chance whether or not you think it's worth it or not. Now that you know the situation a bit better i hope you stop thinking this is a scam and not worth it. You don't have to donate but ppl's ignorance like this makes me upset.

If anyone has pets get pet insurance, don't learn the hard way like me. It isn't cheap when your beloved pet becomes sick :(

Once again Lacy, ur help in trying to spread her story is greatly appreciated along with your contributions.
2 hours ago ·

Susanne Stuckerap
People aren't ignorant when it comes to donating hard earned money to people who live on another continent. If I donated to you, then I would have to donate to every single person who didn't have enough money to take care of their pet when it gets sick.
There are better causes to donate my money too. For example, feeding the hungry, preventing ... See Morechild/animal abuse. These are real causes/foundations set up in which people can donate money and know for sure what it is being used for because it is regulated.
It wasn't that I'm not clear or ignorant on what is happening, I was just saying that I wouldn't do it. I have two wonderful dogs in which I love very much. They are my children and I would do anything for them. But in my opinion, letting them go would be better.
Plus, there is no way in hell I would start a website to raise money to pay for their surgery. Asking strangers for their money to pay for a dog that they don't even know seems awfully selfish to me.
about an hour ago

Sammy Hepburn
that's ur opinion and you don't have to. I didn't ask you personally. Thank god i'm not your pet cause if i got sick then i know you wouldn't do anything in your power to save me, letting me go would just be easier for you even if it meant living a further 5-10 years. And i don't think it's selfish, i did this page up because kind hearted people suggested doing it when i asked for advice in what too do. Not everyone is stuck up like yourself, and take a good look around as my page isn't the only one. Hundreds and i mean hundreds of ppl are doing exactly the same as me for their pets. It's not selfish one bit, your not forced to donate, infact your not forced to do anything. Every bit of spare money i have after bills etc goes to kikki and that still isn't enough. Yes there are other more worthy sites to donate too, and then there isn't. Life is about choice, if ppl want to help other ppl that is their choice if they don't then they should just leave it at that and not degrade them for seeking help. I'm an animal lover and whenever a story touches me, i don't hesitate in donating to help that animal seek the treatment it needs, i don't care if the owner is struggling to pay for it and i definitely for not one minute think it selfish of them. Out of 600 ppl who have messaged me either to help or to send well wishes, your the first negative person i have come across with an attitude like that...... it is sad.

I hope your dogs live a long and happy life, and that they are never faced with any illness that will cut their life short when it can be prevented and treated.

If Lacy or any of my friends were in my situation i would bend over backwards to help her, i would pass on her page, donate anything to help. Would you have the heart to say to your own friend that "your being selfish" for starting up a donation page if she needed help?? I would never say that to my friend or to anyone. U don't know me, my situation and why i have had to resort to such drastic measures so don't judge me. ... See More

i don't know this dog, but his story touched me and i donated $5 to help, every cent counts. It might not be alot because of my bills and Kikki but hey i felt good after doing it.

If your looking for a better cause maybe help out this poor dog.
13 minutes ago ·

Sammy Hepburn
remember life is about choices, donating to one person/cause doesn't contract you to donate to every singe person out there in the whole wide world........ that thought of thinking is silly. Thank you for your opinion, as dark and grey as it is. Have a nice day and keep on smiling :)
2 seconds ago ·

Obviously if this surgery wasn't a cure i would not go down this path, it wasn't a easy decision and it took some time and alot of talks with her specialist to come to this decision. I would be happy to keep kikki on medication to live out her life but it isn't an option for her hence why surgery is the only way as i will not put her down when she is still very healthy, active and deserves to live. I was lucky enough to catch this early in her............. if it was any later the tumor would be too big. Most dogs who have the surgery go onto live a long life. I was talking to a lady the other day who's dog lived until she was 14 after surgery at Kikki's age.


  1. I think that what your doing to save your dog is a good thing but i can also see how people could think its a scam and before people want to donate they just want to make sure its ligit! And there isnt anything wrong with that!

  2. i have no problem with that believe me, but is it really that hard to ask me nicely?? A simple message asking for proof maybe such as some receipts or phone number/email/address to her treating vet would of answered any doubts in their head.